Roncone’s: Old School Italian in Peak Form

Roncone’s is the longest running Italian restaurant in Rochester with its roots dating back to 1938. Executive Chef Jimmy Carmen Paulino brings a menu full of Italian favorites that offer a unique flavor reminiscent of the old country. His style trends from generations of great Italian cooks and Las Vegas, where he was the youngest executive Chef in the city’s history. Here are five reasons you need to visit this local gem.


1) Old School Italian
The Roncone’s menu includes all the classic Italian dishes you would ever want. What is even better, the recipes are from generations of fine Italian cooking.


2) Chicken French
This is easily one of the best Chicken French dishes in Rochester. It comes sautéed in sherry wine, lemon, and butter, served over thin spaghetti. Make sure to add the escarole!


3) Homemade Gnocchi
Their gnocchi has just the right amount of softness and flavor. They are made with ricotta cheese and potatoes, and then layered in their delicious homemade tomato sauce.


4) Italian Brunch
Every Sunday is Roncone’s creative take on the weekend brunch. They feature tasty frittatas that have fried potatoes, eggs and usually some type of meat like Italian sausage.


5) Greens and Beans
You have to get this classic Italian favorite. The greens and beans are served with ditalini pasta and with the option of adding sautéed Italian sausage



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