5 Reasons Why Olives is Greek Greatness

Tucked away in Pittsford’s Schoen Place, Olives is an authentic Greek taverna that has been family owned for close to two decades. Nick and Gayle Mourgides created the eatery to share their heritage and allow patrons to taste the true flavors of Greece. Fresh ingredients overflow their delicious assortment of salads, gyros, pizzas and dinner platters. Here are five reasons you need to visit this Greek cuisine mecca.


1) Gyro Platter
This massive dish is a paradise for fans of Greek cuisine. It comes with perfectly grilled chicken, gyro meat, rice, feta, marinated tomatoes, onions and dolmades. The gyro meat at Olives is nothing short of superb.


2) Moussaka
If you are unfamiliar with this Greek entre – get acquainted with it. Moussaka is a baked dish filled with cinnamon seasoned beef, eggplant and bechamel. The bechamel is a tasty white cream sauce made with whole milk, butter, flour, nutmeg and egg yolks.


3) Patio
The Olives patio is one of the best outdoor settings for dining in Rochester. The stone patio is surrounded by lush plant life and a beautiful row of grape vines. Plus you get the added bonus of ‘people watching’ the popular Schoen Place scene.


4) Cuban Gyro
This hybrid sandwich is a work of art. The gyro meat combined with pickles and remoulade sauce make for a wonderful flavor. Make sure you add on a side of their delicious sweet potato fries.


5) Schoen Place
There is no better spot in the summer than Schoen Place where Olives is headquartered. This canal-side scene comes equipped with fantastic eateries, a top notch brewery and numerous shops. Not to mention you can take a tour down the canal on the Sam Patch boat.

Olives is the featured restaurant for Nite Out in the month of August. Nite Out is a local service where subscribers have amazing restaurant experiences each month at Rochester’s best spots. Find out more.



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