8 Savory Sandwiches You Must Eat in Rochester

It’s time to spice up your weekday lunch breaks with six brilliantly tasty sandwiches. All are very different in their own way – so at least one of these will fit your taste needs. There is everything from the meat-tastic colon kicker to the vegetarian corn mash. Are we missing any of your favorite Rochester sandwiches? Let us know in the comments or tweet us at @SeizeTheWeekday.


Magnolia’s is widely considered the best sandwich shop in Rochester. This can be confirmed because President Obama stopped by on his way through town. They have a lot of good sandwiches, but the king is the Berkeley. It is the perfect combination of grilled chicken, sautéed mushrooms and provolone cheese on a tasty deli roll. Get a cup of their tomato soup on the side – you won’t regret it.


Two words – butter wheel. Amiel’s has a magic rolling cylinder that layers butter on a toasted buns for the Beef-A-Miel. Then they apply mounds of slow roasted beef along with any toppings you could want. For drink, go with the classic line of Hank’s gourmet sodas they have available.


Corn Mash
Open Face
This meatless wonder will have even the biggest carnivores addicted. Served as an open sandwich, it is lathered with a roasted corn seasoning that is mixed with red pepper. Then it is topped with melted cheddar, delicious apricot BBQ glaze and french fried onions. Get a bottle of their old school soda Moxie, which tastes like a mix of cola and root beer. There is a small amount of seating at Open Face, but the service by their employees is top notch.


Georgie’s Bakery
This bakery and cafe is a hidden gem set on Clinton Avenue in the Highland Park Neighborhood. Their Cuban is topped with savory pork, ham, pickles, onions, and Swiss cheese. Even the small size sandwich is a hefty load, so be careful. The bakery also has some great breads, rolls, pastries and a Friday fish fry.


The Pittsburgh
Harry G’s
If you ever have been to Primanti Brothers in Pittsburgh, this is the sandwich style they made famous. Sorry Primanti Brothers, but Harry G’s does it better. Their hoagie is loaded with chopped steak, melted provolone, spicy fries, coleslaw, tomato, mayo and oil. The spicy fries are really what set this sandwich apart from the originals out of the steel city.


colonColon Kicker
Opened in 1975, this family owned deli has what some locals say is the best sandwich in the area. Enter the Colon Kicker. This monstrosity is a cheese steak wrapped with capicola, pickled hot peppers, onions, provolone cheese and crushed red pepper. It can obviously bring some heat, but the flavor is second to none. Calabresella’s is also an Italian and Greek importer so it’s a great place to get bottled peppers, sauces, olives and anything else.


Banh Mi
If you’ve never had one of these delicious Vietnamese sandwiches, you are truly missing out. Cure’s banh mi is created with a tasty pork sausage, country paté, pickled vegetables and a creamy mayonnaise. It is all piled on to a delicious crispy baguette. Make sure to go on a wednesday night when they have no corkage fee on wine.


DiBellas has been a Rochester institution for years and the main reason is this Italian assorted treat. The Godfather comes with genoa salami, capicola, and spicy ham piled high on their fresh baked roles. A special add on at DiBella’s is their delicious ‘Famous Oil Dressing’. There are now several DiBella’s locations making it easy to grab this sub if you are craving it. Join their Emeal Club and DiBella’s will send you coupons for discounts on their subs.




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