4 Tips for Dining at BYOB Restaurants in Rochester

Opening a wine bottle with a corkscrew in a restaurant
If you are looking to save money on a night out, taking advantage of restaurants with BYOB is a smart decision. Luckily for Rochester residence, we have a multitude of eateries that allow bringing in wine on certain nights without a corkage fee. The no corkage fee is important because some restaurants will charge upwards of $20 to open wine that is brought in by patrons. To help further understand the practice of BYOB, we sought out the advice of Edibles Restaurant owner Jason Herbert. Here he lays out four guidelines of how to BYOB the right way. For a full list Rochester restaurants with BYOB nights (without corkage fees), check out this article. Edibles, by the way, hosts a BYOB every Monday night.

  1. Call Ahead
    Always call the restaurant ahead of time to confirm corkage fee and so they can make a note for the reservation.
  2. Bottle Amounts
    Check to make sure what the policy is on how many bottles you can take in. At Edibles for example, they accept two bottles.
  3. Tipping
    Tipping should also apply to the bottle and it’s at personal discretion but a helpful guideline would be to tip on at least the lowest bottle price on the wine menu. Tip should still be based on the level of your service in regards to opening, serving, putting on ice etc.
  4. Protect Your Wine
    If its summer and you want to protect your wine, bring it in an insulated bag to protect the quality.


What are your favorite restaurants for BYOB in Rochester? Let us know in the comments.



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