Top 5 Reasons You Should Dine at Cure

If you are a regular reader of this website, it is no secret that Cure is one of our favorite restaurants in Rochester. This Public Market eatery has a refreshing take on seasonal French cuisine with a heavy focus on craft sausages. They are also known for their tasty cocktails that bring a creative edge to the local libation scene. Below we present our full case of support for why you should visit Cure. Get ready to make a reservation.


5) Thursday Prix Fixe Menu
Every Thursday they have their ‘Menu du Voyageur’ which is a prix fixe menu (in place of their regular menu) that focuses on a particular French cuisine or ingredient. For example, the latest menu focuses on duck with dishes such as cassoulet of confit duck leg and smoked duck rillettes. They stick with a certain menu for only two Thursdays and then change it up to focus on a new item. If you like to try new and creative dishes, this is for you. Each Menu du Voyageur is around $33 per person, with a wine pairing option available for an additional fee.


4) Sausage Heaven
Cure has made a name for itself with their savory house made sausages and the boudin blanc is their must-have piece of pork. They change up the recipe slightly from time to time, but the blanc has a French lentil puree, apples and calvados. Other featured sausages currently on the menu include a duck sausage and the merguez tagine. You can’t go wrong with any of them.


3) The Appetizer to End All Appetizers
Don’t let the bone marrow in the name scare you. Cure’s foie gras-bone marrow toast is an appetizer like nothing you have ever tasted before. The foie gras spread has a sumptuous flavor and a concord gastrique is drizzled on top that adds just the right amount of sweetness. It also isn’t too filling to take away from the other dishes you will eat after.


2) BYOB on Wednesday Nights
As if Cure wasn’t good on its own, you can save money on your bill Wednesday nights. Bring your own bottle of wine that night and they won’t charge you a corkage fee. Most restaurants charge a $20 for this service. Bring a bottle of gamay red wine such as the Louis Jadot Beaujolais Villages 2014 ($10.99 at Lisa’s Liquor Barn) that pairs well with the dish below at #1.


1) The Best Banh Mi in Town
If you are a fan of these Vietnamese delicacies, Cure has the best one in Rochester. Since they are the masters of the sausage, Cure has the perfect piece of pork that is layered with a country pâté and a spicy mayo. These are all piled on to a tasty baguette and topped with pickled vegetables. It is nothing short of perfection.


Restaurant Info:
50 Rochester Public Market
Rochester, NY 14609
Phone:(585) 563-7941

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