Whether you are getting together for a special family occasion, important business dinner, or just want to eat out like a straight baller – private dining is something you must experience. These secluded dining areas allow for a unique and intimate setting with a menu  that is customized to your exact needs. There is nothing like it, so if you have a special occasion, contact one of the eleven restaurants below to set up your private dining experience.

Good Luck
50 Anderson Ave, Rochester, NY
One of Rochester’s most popular restaurants has two favorable options for secluded dining. The private dining room is set off the main room and can host a maximum of 32 guests for a sit down dinner. The meal is a pre-selected menu tailored to your preferences and served family style over several courses. If you want to take things to the next level, you have to go with the chef’s table. Up to 14 people can sit on a raised seating area that overlooks the bustling Good Luck kitchen. The menu is much more customizable with a multi course meal, chosen among three totally unique themes. The themes include Farm to Table (Whatever is in season), Salmanazar (Italian, Indian or French), or Nautilus (Seafood). The chef’s table is great for foodies who want to be up close and personal with the hustle of a professional kitchen.

145 Culver Rd Rochester
TRATA has a lot of designated areas for private parties throughout their sprawling location – but their Riley Room is the best for an intimate dining experience. The completely private room fits 16 people for a sit down dinner. You will dine on a stylish long table that ends at a 50″ flat screen TV set on a beautiful exposed brick wall. For food, your options include creating a custom made menu or order off the regular menu that is best described as ‘upscale American fare.’ The Riley Room is perfect for getting a group of friends together in a casual setting – but be sure to venture out on the roof deck for a night time cocktail after.

1750 East Ave Rochester
The Italian restaurant by Wegman’s has a private room that encompasses one of the most unique atmospheres around. The Tower Room is adorned with lavish drapes, tall chairs and a cathedral ceiling that evokes a medieval castle atmosphere. The room seats up to 11 people with a round table that has a lazy susan to help facilitate family style food sharing. You can order off the menu, pre plan a family style menu or create a limited menu of your own choice. The Tower is an excellent option for getting a group together over classic Italian fare in a fun setting that may remind you of Game of Thrones.

City Grill
384 East Ave Rochester
The Grill Room at City Grill has one of the best and most spacious set ups for a private dinning experience in all of Rochester. The modern designed room has its own full bar, private outdoor patio space and a 70″ TV mounted among the unique pieces of art lining the wall.  With up to 40 people, you can do a sit down dinner with a set menu, buffet, stations, or appetizer packages. The Grill Room is perfect for high end business dinners with an upscale American menu.


3001 Monroe Ave Rochester
Monroe’s Restaurant plays host to a classic Victorian setting in their private room set off the main dining area. Sit down dinner can be done for up to 50 people and the space is equipped with a fireplace to add extra ambiance. Furthermore, they have a side room that has a private bar if your party needs a healthy stream of cocktails. For food, you can order off a pre set menu, full buffet or just order off the regular menu. If you are looking for a classy, old age dining experience with standard Italian dishes done right, this room will work best.

Black and Blue
3349 Monroe Ave Rochester
Black and Blue features two unique spaces for private dining. First is the Club Room which accommodates 30 guests for a meal and features a working gas fireplace. The other is the Board Room that accommodates 16 guests for a meal and features a high-definition television with PC connectivity, and internet access. They have five different menu options for events or you can order off the regular menu. Black and Blue is most know for their steaks and seafood, so if that is what your group craves, then this is your spot.

The Ox and Stone
282 Alexander St Rochester
Upstairs in the Ox and Stone lies a truly private space called the Turret Room that hosts up to 50 guests. This magnificent room has exposed brick walls and various pieces of artwork, that adorn spacious area. If you are looking for a smaller and more intimate setting, The Tonga Room is an option set right off the main dining room. Overall, if your party is in the mood for delicious Latin and Mexican cuisines, the Ox is your option.

2541 Monroe Ave Rochester
Avvino plays host to the Meyer’s Den private dining space that holds up to 20 guests. The room evokes an old time atmosphere due to its dark wood paneling and vintage frames that line the walls. You can choose off their regular menu or kick things up a notch with a specialized tasting of two or three courses. Their farm to table inspired menu changes monthly but always has Italian, French and Spanish influences. The room is also equipped with a projector and screen which makes it perfect for high end business lunches.

Next Door by Wegmans
3220 Monroe Avenue Rochester
The Wegman’s high end eatery has some excellent private dinning options like the Petrus and Rothschild Rooms. These are perfect for smaller groups set in a unique ambiance and full of eye catching artwork. But the gold standard for private dining here is the Test Kitchen. You begin in the kitchen library for drinks and appetizers. Then, you head over to watch an entire dinner be created before your eyes. The room can fit 45 people for a sit down dinner with menu options that include custom made, family style, or a tasting of four courses. The Next Door has a New American menu made exclusively from sustainable and organic ingredients.

30, Celebration Dr, Rochester
Rochester’s newest Italian restaurant has a private room called the Camera Piccola that can hold up to 18 people. The room has a modern design with a view out on to the side patio. You are allowed to choose off the menu or design your own that fits the exact needs of your party. If you are looking to get a small group together over a delicious new Italian menu, then look no further. Just a heads up, it is $100 down to rent it, but it goes towards your bill.

The Inn on Broadway
26 Broadway St Rochester
If you want to dine like you are in a scene from The Godfather, then the Inn on Broadway Wine Cellar is your spot. Located on the lower level, this lavish space features a glass-front wine room and its own personal bar. Sit down dinner can be done for up to 32 people  and they have three menus to choose from. The options have two or three courses with items including beef tenderloin filet, wild raised Tasmanian salmon, smoked pork chop and NY strip steak. The wine cellar is definitively for high end affairs if you are looking to impress.



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