Omakase: Rochester’s Best Dining Experience You Don’t Know About

The Next Door has been a local player in the upscale dining scene for years – providing a solid focus on sushi within the confines of a trendy atmosphere. Now they are taking dining experiences to the next level with their Thursday night Omakase events. Omakase is a Japanese tradition where a chef is given the creative outlet to prepare a meal that exhibits their skill set while utilizing seasonal ingredients. The result is a 6-course dinner like nothing your taste buds have ever encountered. Patrons sit at the The Next Door sushi bar as a parade of dishes come out in intervals while the featured chef explains each course. Below is an example of the magnificent line up that appeared at last weeks dinner. If you are interested in going to an Omakase, the seating is limited to only 15 spots, so make sure to get a reservation soon.


Salmon marinated with soy shallots


Botan shrimp with Osetra caviar


Miso marinated kampachi


Futomaki sushi roll


Seared tuna with plum sauce


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