Where to Get the Best Banh Mi Sandwiches

Long before fusion cuisines were filling kitchens across the country, two distinct cultures collided upon each other to conceive the banh mi sandwich. This moment happened when the French took over colonial power in Vietnam and the two combined their native ingredients. The Vietnam influence brought their cilantro, cucumber, jalapeño, and pickled carrots. On the other side, the French infused their baguettes, pâté and mayonnaise. These items combined to form one of the most delicious sandwiches you will ever have in your clutches. Most are served with some type of pork, but sometimes substitute chicken or even tofu for a vegan option. Below are four places we recommend that you get a quality banh mi in Rochester. Please let us know other good places we are missing in the comments or tweet us at @SeizeTheWeekday.


Marty’s Meats
699 Park Ave, Rochester, NY
Former McQuaid basketball star, Marty O’Sullivan has been serving up delicious food truck concoctions for the last couple years. Now he has taken things to the next level with a restaurant location in the bustling Park Avenue neighborhood. There, he serves up a unique spin on the banh mi sandwich. His creation comes with thick slices of pork belly, pickled veggies, jalapeños and cilantro. The sandwich is then topped with a savory red pepper aioli that gives it just the right heat and flavor. If you want another sandwich option, their marque item is the Carolina which is pulled pork and carrot apples slaw, lathered in Marty’s special BBQ sauce.


315 Gregory St, Rochester, NY
This American pub combined with Asian inspired dishes has quickly become a South Wedge favorite. One of their best menu items is the mouth watering caramel braised pork belly banh mi. The caramel braise really sets this sandwich apart with its sweet flavoring. It is then garnished with nice pâté, pickled carrot, cucumber, jalapeno, cilantro and crammed into a crispy roll. If you are still hungry, try one of their pork rolls or noodle soups. They also always have a good selection of craft beer on tap with mostly local breweries.

Weekday Deals

  • Tuesdays – $3 taco deal


Nam Vang
1380 Lyell Ave, Rochester, NY
This little known Asian restaurant sits on Lyle Ave just outside the city’s west side. Their menu is filled with tasty noodle soups with several selections of pho like nam vang, bo vien, pho ha and pho tai. Their banh mi is served in a more traditional style with grilled pork, jalapeños, pickled carrot radishes and cucumber. The best part is the hefty roll that it is served on comes out piping hot. Another menu item to look out for is the bang xeo, which is an Asian style meat pancake.


50 Rochester Public Market, Rochester, NY
Tucked in the back of the Public Market, Cure has brought a unique niche to the Rochester food scene with their creative meat dishes. In particular, the kitchen has excelled at sausages which is what makes their banh mi the best in the area. They use a hearty amount of pork sausage that is laced with a country pâté and a spicy mayo. These are all piled on to a tasty baguette and topped with pickled vegetables. If you are thirsty, Cure has a remarkable selection of craft cocktails and for a starter get the foie gras bone marrow toasts – it is will change your life.

Weekday Deals

  • Wednesday – No corkage fee on wine

Let us know other good places that serve banh mi that we are missing in the comments or tweet us at @SeizeTheWeekday.




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